What people are saying about Flavors.

  • Janna Vettergren

    Thanks for — it looks great and is easy to manage! My webpage is beginning to feel really professional thanks to you. The look and feel matter a lot to me and most services for HTML-beginners make it tricky to achieve a simple but great look. I’m so happy to have found you.
  • Mr. Resistentialist … is one of the coolest, sexiest places to host and design your personal information page. The design here is truly phenomenal. Simple, one-step sign-up and a clean interface provide an experience that is clear and straightforward while allowing for a lot of customization. Speaking of customization, if you want to add an even more unique look beyond what is available in the free version, you can upgrade to their premium service for just $20/year. It includes more fonts, SEO metadata, the ability to re-route from a custom domain, analytics and more.
  • Using, it took less than an hour to design an impressive personal homepage, and in the final analysis, that’s what really counts. Professional Web developers may miss the option to edit the CSS directly or to add extra functionality via plugins (à la WordPress), but does get the job done, and can deliver visually stunning results.
  • Flavors isn’t blogging software, it’s a web-based program for building unique homepages. Instructions: upload a background image. Pick your layout, font, and color palette. Connect as many social media accounts as you like. You’ve just gone from nothing to something in almost no time at all. While functional and powerful (and free!), Flavors’ true secret ingredient is design. Their customization parameters are built to save us from ourselves, making it nearly impossible to create an ugly website. Visibly smart, indeed.
  • Bottom line is is a pretty sweet and pretty easy website builder. Good job HiiDef for creating such an aesthetically pleasing website builder that is so easy to use.
  • With a user interface which not only makes sense, also looks sexy puts the sexiness back into software in general, especially web apps. I think every web app developer could learn a lot from; I know that I alone have learned some nice user interface design choices from using it. There may be copycats out there who attempt to offer what does, sometimes even as a self-hosted script, but none of them offer the gorgeous user interface that does. will be around for a long time to come because it is without a doubt it is going to adapt and change with the times and become an even more impressive and refined piece of software.

  • Michael Koenka

    Thanks guys! Couldn’t have done it without the wicked cool profile. You guys are awesome!
  • Step Two: Build your website for 20 USD - Go to and design your website. Flavors is a genius website builder that requires zero knowledge of HTML but puts you in charge of your site. Upgrade your account with 20 USD and reroute your custom domain previously purchased.
  • A great way to establish a landing page, especially when looking for a job. Even if you have a personal website it can be an easy way for someone to see….everything.
  • From technical support to office management and beyond, many IT Departments do it all. This is especially true for many small businesses where IT usually has a hand in creating and supporting the company website. With all of the great tools on the Internet today there are many options for how to run that website. If you want to begin to use social media to interact with your customers, the options grow even further. So, if you support your company’s brand on the Internet, consider using Flavors to bring it all together and turn the administration back over to your users.